4 Ways To Enhance Your Office And Make It More Welcoming

4 Ways To Enhance Your Office And Make It More Welcoming

1. Own Your Office Space

Live up your workspace using plants, a desk lamp, picture frames, and decorative cup holders. The idea is to own how your office space looks, which helps make you feel more committed to your workmates and this, in turn, increases productivity by nearly 32%.

It is best to allow your employees to enjoy some freedom in determining how their workspace should appear. You could offer a stipend for them to buy what makes them feel comfortable and at home when at their desks.

Some workers might want to keep healthy snacks, family photos, or sticky notes at their worktops. Some of these things play a crucial role in their productivity level.



2. Take Advantage Of Plants And Windows

Studies suggest that looking at nature relaxes the mind. Spending long hours in a bland building with no windows when working or studying can have a negative impact. People will desire to step outside for a while to enjoy the sun and feel the breeze rushing over them. An office with plain walls and no windows does not keep your workforce motivated.

However, if windows are not an option that allows your employees to see outside and enjoy nature, consider bringing nature to them. You can introduce several plants and hang pictures of beautiful nature scenes on the walls. Also, please consider low-maintenance plants.



3. Note The Office Shape, Size, Color, And Lighting

Colors can influence our moods and productivity. For instance, greens and blues help with creativity, while reds can enhance our attention to detail. Working in a well-lit environment is also an essential factor to consider. Dim lights promote freedom which can foster creativity. A brightly light workspace can support evaluative thinking.

The office size and shape can impact productivity. Opting for circular spaces instead of square ones can help increase concentration and brain activity associated with aesthetic appreciation. It also encourages collaboration between workers.



4. Plan Adequate

Deciding how you want your office to look can be challenging. The place might have seemed exciting and promising when you started occupying it, but all this changes gradually as you get used to the tiles, walls, carpet, and furniture. Eventually, you will desire to make the office feel homier, and this could be by injecting more color, wall vinyls, shelves, changing the mats, updating the furniture, and how you arrange the place.

But all that might seem too much to do when you have a shoestring budget. That is why it is best to plan for everything to get it right with one shot. Ask your workers to share ideas regarding the changes they would like to see to make them enjoy spending the day at their desks.

You can try using Lucidchart. Search for it online, upload pictures of your office walls, and then play with color and décor options to see what you create that suits your workspace. Share this with your team to ensure everybody is on board with the changes beforehand.

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