7 Tips to Make Your Money Go Further

7 Tips to Make Your Money Go Further

Wouldn’t it be great if you could do more, buy more and enjoy more entertainment? You can do that! You don’t even need to earn more money to make it happen. Learning to stretch your money is important in order to enjoy more of what means the most to you. Use these tips to make your money go further:

Use a bank that pays interest on both your current account and savings account

Do some research on the internet and find a reputable bank that pays good rates.

Invest in Stock and Shares

Invest some of your savings in the stock market. If you are new to investing, use a trusted financial advisor while you learn.

Pay off loans early to avoid paying interest

Ensure your loans don’t have penalties for paying them off early.

Use credit cards with perks

Search for credit cards with both low interest rates and rewards. Try to pay off the outstanding balance each month for the best results and to reduce interest payments.

Buy store own brands Vs premium brands

Many products taste the same and cost less money.

Only buy clothes when on sale or buy second hand

Some retail stores offer huge discounts for sale or clearance merchandise. Good quality branded second-hand clothes can be found online at Vinted and Depop.

Reduce or eliminate mobile phone costs

Going to a lower plan or switching networks can save a lot of money which can be used for things you want more.

When you learn how to work with your money, it goes further for you. Use these tips to start cutting down on things that are less important to you to free up more money for the things you really want.


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