Green Money Saving Tips – Re-use Household Items

Green Money Saving Tips – Re-use Household Items

You can save money by thinking of ways to re-use your household items. Try these ideas to get you started:


Plastic Bags

Never discard a plastic bag from the supermarket or shop before re-using it at least one more time.

Use them in small waste paper bins instead of purchasing new bin bags.

Place items in the plastic bags before storing them to keep the items free from dust and dirt.

When they can no longer be used, recycle them at the supermarket. In the UK, most supermarkets have a carrier bag recycle point. The recyclenow website allows you to search via postcode to find out what items can be recycled locally.


Packing Materials such as bubble wrap, packing peanuts and cardboard inserts

Use them as packing whenever you post something.

Use them when storing breakables to cushion and protect them.

Use them to protect items when you are moving home.

Worn Towels, Wash rags, Sheets, Blankets, Curtains and Clothes.

Cut them up to use as cleaning rags. Use them to wash windows, wipe appliances, clean floors or wash your car.

Cut them into squares and use the good portions to make quilts.

Cut them into strips to use for making colourful braided rugs.

Donate good-quality used clothing to local charity shops so they can be re-worn by another person. Alternatively sell used clothing on selling websites such as eBay, Vinted and Depop.


Old Carpet

Cut into pieces and place them in doorways, the garage or utility rooms for people to wipe their shoe soles on before coming indoors.


Washable Dust Mops

You can buy dust mops with a removable dusting end that you can throw in the washing machine. No more buying disposable sweeping cloths!



Buy rechargeable batteries and use them over and over again instead of continually having to replace them with new batteries.


Silk Flower Arrangements

When you’re done using a silk flower arrangement, save on redecorating by taking it apart and using the flowers in fresh new decorations, like wall baskets with some flowers, birds and butterflies.


Tumble Dryer Sheets

Re-use your tumble dryer sheets to clean the screens of computers and TVs. It stops the screens from attracting dust and you save on cleaning supplies.


Save Money by re-using Other People’s Stuff

Visit second hand and charity shops for great savings on used items you want to buy anyway. Buy it used instead of new.

Takeaway Containers

When ordering a takeaway meal, you can keep the plastic containers and re-use them to store homemade food and leftovers. Most of the plastic containers are fridge, freezer, dishwasher and microwave friendly so food can be stored and then reheated easily. This idea also helps to reduce food waste.

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