How to Use Social Media to Find Your Next Job

How to Use Social Media to Find Your Next Job

Social media is all the rage. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and more seem to be everywhere. In social media like these, we get constant updates about the relevant and not-so-relevant aspects of everyone’s lives. Here, we’ll consider a practical application of social media: finding your next job.

Social media gives you great tools for sharing information electronically with a potentially very large audience.

Try these strategies to help you land a great job:

Focus your attention on people instead of companies

For instance, if you’re interested in a particular company, look at blogs and on Facebook for people who work there. You’re likely to also see the other people they know. Maybe you share an acquaintance or two. You can submit resumes to them, ask for advice, and get more contacts.

You’ll want to be subtle; people are unlikely to be happy about being bombarded with job requests on their own time. By starting with a few non-intrusive messages, you should be able to make in-roads toward your goal.

Start your own blog

By putting out content that showcases your knowledge and expertise, people will begin to see you as an expert. Blogs are easy to start, and many websites will host yours for free. Other than the work involved, it’s free advertising for your skills.

Use Twitter

It’s becoming common to hear stories of people getting laid off, sending out a few Tweets proclaiming their new unfortunate job status, and ultimately finding a new position as a result of their Tweets.

With Twitter, word spreads quickly. Companies are beginning to use this tool as well, for this same reason. Recruiters use Twitter to announce positions and give updates.

Here’s a quick Twitter tutorial:

  1. Go to and fill out your profile completely, including a professional photo of yourself.
  2. Follow everyone you know. Also, follow everyone who seems like they might be able to help you find a position.
  3. Tweet away.

Take advantage of video

In addition to more usual social media tools, video is becoming increasingly relevant. Upload a video resume to YouTube and let the world know what you can do and what you’re looking for. Check out other video resumes to get a feel for how it’s done. When creating a video, keep brevity in mind. Explain your background; describe what you’re looking for and why you’d be the best person for the job. Take your time and get it right – you can re-record as often needed.

Consider Paid Advertising on Social Media

Also, consider Google AdWords and Facebook advertising to put the word out that you’re in job-search mode. To do this, you’ll need to make a landing page with your resume. Adding a blog, video resume, and any publications you authored would be helpful as well.

Are you LinkedIn?

Many job seekers already regard LinkedIn as their most valuable social media platform, and new features are being added all the time. Staying up to date can help you land your next position. 

Creating a Knock-Out Profile on LinkedIn 

  1. Write a compelling summary. Capture interest with a summary that tells an engaging story and describes your unique value. Keep it brief. An ideal length is about 150 to 300 words. 
  2. Showcase your accomplishments. Use the experience section and links to other websites to demonstrate what you can contribute. Quantify your achievements and present your best work samples. 
  3. Optimize your photo. Include a professional-looking photograph that conveys your personality. It’s okay to wear a hat on Twitter, but here you want potential employers to be able to see your face. 
  4. Customize your URL. Visit the LinkedIn help section for instructions on customizing your public profile URL. It will help you to show up sooner in search engine results. 
  5. Stay updated. Promptly add significant new developments to your profile.

Social media is here to stay, so you might as well use it for something constructive. Finding employment is never enjoyable, but utilizing social media can make a difference.

Never before has the average person had so much capability to reach so many people. Craft your message and get it out there every way you can think of.



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