Refrigerated Trailer Hire Tips

Refrigerated Trailer Hire Tips

Safety is always an important consideration for any business and this is also true if you are hiring a refrigerated trailer or are in the construction industry. Refrigerated trailers are as safe as any piece of equipment with the right knowledge and in the right hands.

Here are some tips to help make your fridge trailer hire simple, safe, and straightforward to ensure that your event goes well.


1. Avoid Moving the Refrigerated Trailer

Once you have positioned and stabilized the freezer trailer, you need to ensure that you don’t move it. After connecting the trailer, you want to avoid issues arising from de-levelling the chiller or freezer. If the fridge isn’t level, it affects the drainage and may potentially damage the coin/fan. You will also find it difficult to shut the doors.

Refrigerated Trailer

2. Park the Refrigerated Trailer as Close as Possible to a Power Supply

If you consider the fact that refrigerated trailers are supplied with a range-limited lead, it can be a good idea to install the fridge trailer as close to a power source as possible. The leads are limited in range by design. Long leads usually suffer from the problem of voltage drops, which inadvertently affects the unit and causes malfunctions.


3. Always Keep Its Doors Shut

For most people, this will be an obvious tip, but you will still come across customer inquiries online about the unit failing to hold temperature, which is almost always caused by leaving the doors open after accessing the goods inside. Always ensure that the doors remain shut. This helps the refrigerator maintain temperature better while ensuring that the unit doesn’t ice up, which may cause damage.


4. Avoid Overloading the Shelves

The shelves in the refrigerated trailers are designed to meet the needs of most clients. The possibility of overloading the shelves, however, always exists. With this in mind, you should avoid stressing the shelves and distribute the weight more evenly by placing loads across the shelving pan.


5. Avoid Adjusting the Preset Temperature

It is easy to accidentally alter the operating parameters while changing the unit. Tampering with this part of the fridge, however, can cause it to operate inefficiently thus causing damage. Make sure that you inspect the unit as well as the delivery driver to ensure that it is set to the required temperature. Furthermore, you should refer to the exact instruction needed to change the temperature if you wish to do so to avoid problems.

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